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Wise Pasta Millet pack (fusilli, spagetti, penne)

Wise Pasta Millet pack (fusilli, spagetti, penne)
Wise Pasta Millet pack (fusilli, spagetti, penne)

As the member of Wise Pasta Vegan product group, the millet pasta family is natural, gluten-free, that’s why its consumption has many health benefits. Taste of these pastas are similar to the traditional pastas, futhermore these products have a nice yellow colour, thanks to turmeric(curcuma). Millet pasta’s colour, taste and consistensy remains perfect even after cooking.

GMO free
NO additives, NO preservatives

Egg free

Soy free

Slow carb

Strengthens the immune system

Helps in alkalization


Bundle contents
2 850 Ft
Unit price: 950 Ft/pcs
Not available for purchase!

Wise Pasta Vegan Collection Millet pasta is made of naturally gluten free ancient grain with additional health benefits. It tastes similar to the traditional pastas, and has a nice yellow colour thanks to a hint of turmeric we use (extra nutritional benefit for everyone!); it keeps its texture perfect even after cooking.


Average nutritional values 100g Normal Cooked

1422 kJ
337 kcal

632 kJ
150 kCal
Total fat 3,5g 1,55g
-saturated fat 0,8g 0,36g
Carbohydrate 58,8g 26,13g
-of which sugar 1,8g 0,79g
Fiber 14,9g 6,61g
Protein 10,2g 4,54g
Salt 0,08g 0,03g


Storage: Dark, dry, cool place


Cooking instructions:Put the pasta into a pot of boiling water. Simmer for 8-10 minutes, stir occasionally. Drain well before serving. Cooking time can be a ected by the use of gas or electric stove. Pasta can be used as a soup, pasta dish, or even pasta salad.

Article No.
600 g/pcs

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