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Wise Pasta Sport Protein Fusilli 10kg

Wise Pasta Sport Protein Fusilli 10kg
Wise Pasta Sport Protein Fusilli 10kg

Ingredients: Rice flour, Corn flour, Hempseed flour, WPC 80% Lactose-free whey protein, Egg protein, Psyllium husk, Turmeric

GMO free
NO preservatives NO additives


Slow carb, Low GI

Magas fehérjetartalom

A great source of carbohydrates for sports


37 408 Ft
Unit price: 3 741 Ft/kg
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The Wise Pasta Sport Collection is developed for active people. High protein content is provided by the added egg protein. The Sport Collection naturally wheat free, gluten-free, delicious and versatile. It is also easier to digest than wheat pasta and assists with nutrition and variation, which is essential for a well balanced diet and general well being.


Average nutritional values 100g termékben

1475 kJ
349 kcal

Total fat 3,8g
-saturated fat 1,8g
Carbohydrate 45,1g
-of which sugar 2,6g
Fiber 6,5g
Protein 30,3g
Salt 0,3g


Storage: Dark, dry, cool place


Cooking instructions:Put the pasta into a pot of boiling water. Simmer for 8-10 minutes, stir occasionally. Drain well before serving. Cooking time can be a ected by the use of gas or electric stove. Pasta can be used as a soup, pasta dish, or even pasta salad.

Article No.
10 kg/pcs

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