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Wise Food Bejgli flour mix 1000g #/4pcs

Wise Food Bejgli flour mix 1000g #/4pcs
Wise Food Bejgli flour mix 1000g #/4pcs
Wise Food Bejgli flour mix 1000g #/4pcs
Wise Food Bejgli flour mix 1000g #/4pcs
Wise Food Bejgli flour mix 1000g #/4pcs
Wise Food Bejgli flour mix 1000g #/4pcs
Wise Food Bejgli flour mix 1000g #/4pcs

The origins of bejgli can be traced back to several different traditions. One thing is certain: the poppy seed rollcake is beloved and popular from Poland to the Balkan region in Central-Europe, but there are also Russian, Danish, Italian and Israeli versions of this cake as well.

Anyway, the strongest traditions of the bejgli are rooted in Poland and in our country, Hungary. According to the folkways and popular beliefs, the poppy symbolize abundance, wealth, fertility, fruitfulness, and the walnuts are excellent against cursts. Believe it or not, the effort is well worthwhile, because the most perfect bejgli can be made with the help of the Wise Food Bejgli flour mix.

Soy free
GMO free
NO additives, NO preservatives

Off-flavour free

Carefully selected fibre content

Slow carb

Soft pasta

Easy to make


Bundle contents
8 336 Ft
Unit price: 2 084 Ft/pcs

Ingredients and preparation of 1 rod of Bejgli:
150 g Wise Food Bejgli Flour Mix
30 g sugar or 6 g Wise Food 5xSweet Sweetener
1 egg
50 g of soft margarine
50 g milk
5 g of any gluten-free flour for stretching
6 g of egg yolks and 6 g of egg whites for greasing before baking

Stir the flour mixture with Wise Food 5xSweet or sugar, crumble with the margarin, add the milk, then knead it well. Cover the bowl and place it in a refrigerator for 40 minutes. (During this time, you can prepare the filling).

Knead well again on a floury bakeboard after resting and stretch a 21cm x21cm sheet from the dough.

Smooth the filling evenly, leave the edges free, and roll it up loosely. Place the rod in a baking paper lined baking tray, then grease it with egg yolks. Rest it for 10 minutes, grease it with the egg whites, then rest again for 10 minutes. Finally, prick some holes in a few places on the top with a straw.

Baking: at 180°C in a preheated oven, on top and bottom heat for 35-40 minutes.

Ingredients: Rice flour, Tapioca flour, Millet flour, Psyllium husk flour, Quinoa flour, Dryed yeast, Table salt, Baking soda, Citric acid

Average nutrition value in
100g product

1435 kJ
343 kcal

Total fat
-saturated fat
Carbohydrate 70,2g
-of which sugar
Fiber 6,04g
FehérjeProtein 6,3g
Salt 0,43g

Storage: Dark, dry, cool place

Article No.
4 kg/pcs

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